Kent Paul Scarborough- a professional from Australia is a person filled with enthusiasm and positivity. He is widely appreciated for his charitable work that he performed while being associated with an organization named Wounded Heroes Organization in Brisbane, Queensland. He served as a Board member and volunteer at this not-for-profit organization during 2014 to 2015. While being associated with this organization, he was effectively engaged in offering help to injured soldiers who had PTSD and physical disabilities inflicted upon them in different wars.

Based on his experience, Kent tells that a properly organized volunteer program can offer numerous advantages starting from improving the quality of work to having more donations. Below Kent Paul Scarborough highlights 5 useful tips to create and execute a commendable volunteer program.

  1. Kent tells that before accepting volunteers, the association ought to deliberately consider the kind of volunteer program that would best address its issues. This must include an inspection to know the number of volunteers needed; the kind of skills volunteers are expected to possess; method of recruiting; the type of training to be imparted and a choice regarding volunteer recognition program.
  2. When the association chooses the sort of volunteer program it wants, the next step is to distinguish the kinds of volunteers it requires. For instance, do you need volunteers to perform simple tasks like data entry, answering calls, responding and drafting emails, and the like. Or, you want volunteers to perform advanced jobs, such as, arranging an event, reaching out to sponsors, etc. When you are clear about the kinds of volunteers you need and the tasks they are expected to perform, it will make the recruitment process a lot simpler.
  3. Kent highlights that it is important to interview every volunteer candidate. This will give you an idea regarding whether the potential candidate is enthusiastic about the goals of your organization, comprehends and respects confidentiality, and has suitable qualities and aptitudes for different jobs. Kent tells that volunteers shine in their work when their skills are aligned with the tasks they have to perform.
  4. Kent emphasizes that the association ought to have some sort of training program for volunteers, covering introductory and continuous training. Training can incorporate information related to mission, objectives and work principles of the organization. It must be planned in such a way to help volunteers comprehend how they can help and add to the operations of the organization.
  5. Kent Scarborough feels that it is also a good idea to have a volunteer acknowledgment program. Regardless of whether the program incorporates sending thank you letters following a particular event, acknowledging volunteers in pamphlets or the association’s yearly report, or facilitating a yearly dinner, volunteers do value their work being recognized. This will also encourage them to take on the extra tasks and stay a volunteer for long.

Follow these tips by Kent Paul Scarborough, and you are well on your way to developing an excellent volunteer program!

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