Being a Relationship Builder-Kent Paul Scarborough

We all know that technology is changing the world. It has many benefits but also comes at a cost. Technology is eliminating personal relations that are vital for customer loyalty and emotional connection to a brand, which is terrible for any business. There is a need for business leaders like Kent Paul Scarborough to take advantage of the technology to build relations between people.

Kent Paul Scarborough, a successful CEO and entrepreneur, enjoys building businesses from scratch. He loves it when he is in a position of using his skills set to solve problems. The creative and strategic thinker always thinks out of the box to come up with ideas that drive a company toward success. He has been able to hold various positions because he is a proven relationship builder, negotiator, and dealmaker.

Kent Paul Scarborough

So, how does Kent Paul Scarborough build relationships?

Kent Paul Scarborough can take advantage of technology advancement and create a human experience that people crave, want, and need. In the past, his skills to be able to build relations have proven to work. What does he do?

Kent Paul Scarborough is authentic. The entrepreneur can interact with different people. He shows the desire to make connections and genuinely has an interest in other people. That made it easier for him to make many business deals and make sales when he was at AAA Trade Power.

The man is curious. Kent Paul Scarborough is extremely curious to know what is happening around him. He does not shy away from knowing what is happening to others and their experiences. The entrepreneur not only has an interest in the subject that he knows but also has an interest in issues he has no clue about. Kent Paul Scarborough makes an effort to learn as much as possible about other people’s lives, passion, and he enjoys doing so.

He is also a great listener, which is an excellent attribute for a leader. He let others talk, share their ideas, and quarries. The CEO listens attentively and makes good eye contact, and he does not interrupt or ask probing questions. After listening, he pauses and processes what he hears before responding, which is what a relationship builder does.

Lastly, Kent Paul Scarborough has empathy and loves people. While working with others, he empathizes with other people’s situations. He sees and understands customers and other people’s experiences from their perspectives by walking in their shoes.

His empathy and love for serving others led him to volunteer and be a board member at Wounded Heroes Organization. That is because he understood the soldiers’ traumatizing experiences and went beyond his means to serve them by taking care of their needs and desires.


Kent Paul Scarborough is a proven relationship builder. It means that besides being a creative thinker, problem-solver, and entrepreneur, he is authentic and curious. He can listen to people, empathize, and love them regardless of where they come from. That makes it easier for him to work and make business deals to become successful.

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