Kent Paul Scarborough – Role of Motivation in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial motivation can be defined as the process of transforming an individual to a successful businessman, convert ideas into business opportunities thus maximizing wealth and economic development. It is well understood that various factors stimulate desires and activates enthusiasm in entrepreneurs which make them achieve business goals. Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough is a former CEO & entrepreneur keeps on sharing essential tips to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to become successful and seeking name and fame. He is a successful entrepreneur from Australia with impressive professional legacy. He has served diverse significant positions in many reputed organizations. He feels pride in helping budding entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions.

Entrepreneurship Kent Paul Scarborough

All entrepreneurs are known for their tenacity and commitment. They are hard workers who take their business passionately and find success. One of the key factors to sustain the passion, energy and creativity is motivation. Motivation acts as a foundation to achieve success. Entrepreneurs must understand and tap into to sustain their own motivation for starting any business. At the same time, they must be able to motivate others to buy into their idea as it acts as the key to keep everyone on the same page about the mission of the new business and work towards fulfilling it.

Kent Paul Scarborough understands that every business owner is different and thus motivational factors will also be different. But still there are some similarities among successful entrepreneurs where they find motivation and inspiration. Kent shares some of the things that not only help to motivate entrepreneurs but also to keep them moving even at time of difficult phases of the business.

Greater Freedom

Entrepreneurship appeals more to people who want to work for themselves. It gives people more flexibility and freedom to work but also gives an inherent anxiety in own business as lot of uncertainly remains about the success of a start-up. You can define your success and salary parameters.

Better Income

Some workers feel that all the work they put into work goes to help the owner’s wealth. When employees get salary for their work, they can earn limited money in comparison to C-suite level employees and other business stakeholders. Starting your own business gives an opportunity to increase wealth over time.

Greater Influence

Kent Paul Scarborough-a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist from Australia has worked with several companies, He had observed that some of the employees disapprove the directions of the company and they want to have a direct hand in decision making. Such people who want to have a greater influence over the development of the product, marketing and building a customer base feel very motivated to start their own business. It also helps to build a legacy along with greater influence.

Creativity and better control

Many entrepreneurs always have an idea that can be shared with the world. Such ideas influence people’s life for betterment. If you want to keep a greater control over the product and want to use your own creativity on the product and business process then it acts as a motivating factor to increase focus and give inspiration throughout the entrepreneurial process.

Kent Paul Scarborough is a successful businessman who says that role of motivation in entrepreneurship is significant. It helps to give a better shape to start your own business from the beginning and always have better impact on sustaining better growth capabilities in the business.

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