Essence of Leadership explained by Kent Paul Scarborough

If you’re smart and successful then you can be a great leader. People around you must be admiring how good you are in your job so look at you as you’re a rising star. Kent Scarborough is one of the great leaders who, during his career life, has played the roles of a CEO, entrepreneur, and the remarkable manager for several years. He excels as a great leader. Kent says that some of the recently promoted managers feel unprepared to become future leaders just because they feel a bit scared. Such situations can be easily dealt by learning some of the managerial skills as leadership can always be learned.

Essence of Leadership explained by Kent Paul Scarborough

The essence of leadership remains in employing key skills and behaviors consistently.

Leadership Factor #1: Lead by example

The first pre-requisite to become a great leader is to lead by example. This helps to establish your credibility. This purely has nothing to display as a hero as the traits are not dictated and it’s just a personal alignment by claryfing personal values and modeling the behaviors you want to see in others. It helps in self-improvement too.

Leadership Factor #2: Align Your Team

As a new leader, one of the primary goals remains to align the team. This means getting people to work on the right track by overcoming the various challenges. Leaders always generate commitment from the team members by creating and communicating a team vision. They define smart goals and help all the members to develop individual performance goals. In addition to this, they also provide feedback consistently round the year.

Leadership Factor #3: Build Cohesion

Great leaders are successful to build cohesion. They bring different perspective, goals, values and backgrounds into the workplace and make it easier to solve all the problems that act as an hindrance in the achievement of goals. Further, without mutual – respect you can’t have trust and without trust, it’s impossible to work on the right things together. Respect and trust are cornerstones to increase efficiency and cohesion. Kent Paul Scarborough focuses in development of a climate of open communication by understanding different personalities and clarifying them team norms.

Leadership Factor #4: Engage and Cultivate

Being a Relationship Builder – Kent Paul Scarborough says that employee commitment can be increased by engaging team members at individual level and by cultivating them as people and employees. Further, always remember that commitment can’t be build through policies only as you can’t create it through standard operating procedures and directions. A good culture can be cultivated by recognizing and rewarding employees, motivating every team member, delegating effectively, orienting new team members, facilitating learning and development.

Working in a team makes a difference. Kent Paul Scarborough is a successful businessman, great team player and relationship builder. He understands that it is not easy to work with people of a different mindset still by using the skill set you can set all to get people to work. As you transition your role as a leader, you need to be more practical and show the path to others to maximize the potential.

Kent says that learning starts with parable that defines all the pitfalls and possibilities of leadership. So, share the tools among the team to elevate their effectiveness and transition them also to competent leaders.

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