Kent Paul Scarborough-a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist from Australia says that too many organizations practice ineffective philanthropy through programs that are majorly focused on public relations. The strategic corporate philanthropy improves the company’s competitive context and the community where it operates. The organizations must rethink where to focus and how to move about their giving. […]

Kent Paul Scarborough Highlights The Importance Of Discipline For Success

Kent Paul Scarborough is a business personality from Australia who has tasted huge success in his life following a disciplined approach. He has always believed that practice makes a man perfect, and practice requires discipline. There is a lot to learn from the experience of Kent Scarborough. He says that he always followed one mantra […]

Kent Paul Scarborough – Role of Motivation in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial motivation can be defined as the process of transforming an individual to a successful businessman, convert ideas into business opportunities thus maximizing wealth and economic development. It is well understood that various factors stimulate desires and activates enthusiasm in entrepreneurs which make them achieve business goals. Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough is a former CEO […]

Essence of Leadership explained by Kent Paul Scarborough

If you’re smart and successful then you can be a great leader. People around you must be admiring how good you are in your job so look at you as you’re a rising star. Kent Scarborough is one of the great leaders who, during his career life, has played the roles of a CEO, entrepreneur, […]

Kent Scarborough – Why Negotiation Skills are Important for Business Success?

Kent Paul Scarborough- Former CEO & entrepreneur from Australia are respected all over the world for his incredible understanding of business. He is much appreciated for the success of many businesses and his matchless negotiation skills through which he has managed to close many deals on a profitable note. In today’s hyper connected and increasingly […]

How To Get What You Want In Life? Know From Kent Scarborough from Australia

Kent Paul Scarborough is a highly successful businessman from “the Land Down Under” who known for his striking knowledge as well as unique approach to business. He is a self-made man who depended on nobody, but his passion to reach where he is today. He is a founder of many business enterprises, which have nearly […]

Kent Scarborough- A Business Personality from Australia with an Impressive Professional Legacy

Kent Paul Scarborough is a widely acclaimed business personality from Australia who is regarded for his kind business approach and capacity to settle on gainful business decisions. He is an impressive problem solver who is appreciated for his capability to discover proper solutions for diverse business issues rapidly. In light of his rich professional experience, […]